One Who Stands
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Photography by Jafe Parsons
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Dimensions: 2/3 Lifesize

23"h x 14"w x 12"d

Edition 25

A once skillful and seasoned warrior, a noble chief and leader among his people, at a pivotal moment in his life made the decision to lay down his weapons and live as a man of peace. His resolution cost him everything. Broken treaties were something he learned to expect from the white man but suffering rejection from his own people was something he could not comprehend. His reputation and way of life were destroyed. Betrayed by his wife, his children were taken in a night raid and sold into slavery. He walked alone as a sojourner in a foreign land ... the only thing which remained was his relationship with the Creator. In time he comes to realize that the wisdom gained through his suffering is an invaluable gift from above and that his renewed faith is his true source of strength and hope. He knows in his heart that it is only by the grace and power of the Creator that he has become ... ONE WHO STANDS.

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