Mountain Heir
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heir1 heir2
Photography by Mel Schockner

Dimensions: 1/3 Life

28"H 22"W 22"D

Edition 45

This Royal Elk, I called Thor, and I spent nearly eight seasons vying for victory. Elusive and cunning, Thor spent many days and many nights taunting me…and I him. I knew his voice and he knew mine. I soon discovered this Royal Elk was training me. I hunted him by day; observed him through the night year after year. This majestic, now legendary creature became my teacher, my guide. Ever elusive and ever wise, this heir to the mountains ultimately triumphed. As I walked away from this noble Elk with lessons learned it was then I realized though I may not have gained him as a conquest, I procured a gift of greater value……the wisdom of the wilderness.

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